What is an administration fee for cancellation?

This fee is charged if you cancel your insurance at any point during your policy year.

When you cancel your policy:

  • We’ll calculate the cost of your policy up to your cancellation date, for the time you’ve been covered.
  • This will then lead to either a refunded amount going back to you (should you have paid more than the cost of your policy up to your cancellation date) or;
  • Additional money may be owed to us (should you have paid less than the cost of your policy up to your cancellation date).

The administration fee for cancellation will be included in this calculation; so will either be added to the charge or taken away from your refunded figure, this will be clearly shown in your cancellation confirmation communications. Please be aware that if a claim has been made on your policy in which Darwin hasn’t recovered all of the money owed to them, you will not receive a refund.

How much is the fee?

If your policy is cancelled within the first 14 days of the start date of your policy, the fee will be £25. If your policy is cancelled after the first 14 days, this fee will be £50.

Why do you charge this fee?

When we process a cancellation, certain administration is required by us to end your policy and calculate the amount owed to or required by you for the policy up to the cancellation date. This fee covers these administrative costs, leading up to and following the cancellation of your policy.

Will I have to pay any other fees if I cancel my policy?

If your insurance is cancelled for any reason you will be charged the Administration fee for cancellation in addition to the charge for the cover you have received.

Please note all fees charged prior to cancellation are non-refundable should your policy be cancelled.