What do I need to do before driving in Europe?

Darwin will provide the minimum cover you need by law for certain countries in addition to Comprehensive cover for up to 90 days in every 12 months free of charge. Please refer to ‘Will I be able to use my car abroad?’ for more details.

You will need a copy of your Certificate of Insurance and Policy Booklet, to evidence Comprehensive cover is in force. From 2nd August 2021 you do not need a green card to travel abroad unless you are towing a trailer or a caravan. For the latest information on Green Cards please visit either our website https://u-k-insurance.co.uk/eugreencard.html or https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-insurance/driving-abroad

Before you leave the UK, we recommend that you plan ahead and ensure that your car is serviced, get the air conditioning, lights, tyres and brakes into a good working condition and ensure all the fluids are topped up. Make sure that the car is equipped with all the necessities for the countries you are driving into as each has specific requirements. It makes sense to take a European Touring Kit as well. This is general advice and you are responsible for checking the full requirements for each country you plan to travel in before you leave the UK.

Please also refer to 'What is a European Accident Statement?' for further guidance.


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